Find Your Counter-Strike Role and Improve Your Team's Performance

The concept of roles in Counter-Strike can be traced back to the early days of the game when it was still a mod for Half-Life. It wasn't until CS 1.6 & Source where the evolution of roles in Counter-Strike started to be properly recognized in order for teams to better organize themselves and achieve consistent success.

In this guide, we'll take a look at the five main roles in Counter-Strike and how they can help you improve your team's performance. We'll also include a quiz to help you find your preferred role.
The five in-game roles of Counter-Strike
The In-Game Leader: Arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. The In-Game Leader exhibits excellent knowledge of the game and possesses a range of skills the average player may not possess. Most notably the IGL will have a strong understanding of strategy, is able to adapt on the fly - but most importantly, they effectively communicate what the team needs both before and during rounds. Most IGL’s are born with the gift to lead, and sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the team - putting his chess pieces in the right positions for success.
karrigan // FalleN  // tabseN // gla1ve
The Entry Fragger: The first point of contact. The head of the spear. The Entry Fragger attempts to create space round-by-round, constantly looking for duels in their favor. If you gravitate towards this role, you’ll often be responsible for a number of rounds won if you master your timings and accuracy.
YEKINDAR // friberg  // NiKo // dupreeh
The AWPer: The Masters of Speed and Precision. The AWP, a legendary sniper rifle, offers incredible power in the hands of a skilled player. Beyond raw aim, the AWPer must possess exceptional game sense and positioning. Many teams feature their star player as an AWPer, and the impact a talented sniper brings can be devastating when supported by their team.
kennyS // s1mple // aNa // ZywOo
The Support: Considered the backbone of the team, the support player(s) of a team can often be overlooked by most. Wielding a deep understanding of their team's strengths and weaknesses, the support adapts to, and sets up their team for success. From utility usage such as flashing for teammates, smoking off angles or the occasional boost - a selfless support player can often turn the tide of games. Many support players are often the teams clutch master.
Twistzz // KRIMZ // TACO // sjuush
The Lurker: A silent menace. A cunning yet impactful role, the lurker primes their patience to pounce at the right moments causing disarray for the opposing team. A specific playstyle, the lurker holds an adept understanding of timings and the psychology of rotations. 
Spinx // GeT_RiGhT // ropz // KSCERATO
How to Find Your Preferred Role?
If you're not sure which role is right for you, take our quiz. The quiz will ask you a few questions about your playstyle and then recommend a role for you.

 Find your role 

How do you improve your own game?
Once you've identified which role which suits your playstyle, you can begin to improve your own performance, as well as your teams:
- Understanding your role: Learn the responsibilities of your role and how you can best contribute to the team.
- Practicing your role: The more you practice your role, the better you'll become at it.
- Communicating with your team: Communicate with your teammates about your plans and strategies.
- Being flexible: Be willing to play other roles if needed.
Finding your preferred role and improving your team's performance can take time and effort, but will propel your progress. By following the tips in this guide, you can become a more valuable asset to your team.
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