How many times have you been in a game and heard someone cry about missing a shot cause their “hands are freezing”? Of all the reasons to miss shots, and potentially lose games, having cold hands would have to be the worst reason of all. Why? Because it’s something you can control! 

Cold hands can significantly impact your performance, hindering your precision and speed. You’ll find yourself with a slower reaction time, impaired accuracy, and mentally distracted if you think about how cold they are. There can be a range of reasons you’ve got cold hands, from the temperature of your room to poor blood circulation and more.

What causes cold hands?

Excluding the obvious one of your environment being cold, there are a range of reasons as to why your hands may be erring on the colder side of things. Both nervousness and stress can cause your hands to tense up and restrict blood flow, thus causing your hands to become cold. Some medical conditions such as Raynaud’s can also be an instigator of contributing to cold hands. Diet and caffeine intake are also two big factors - drinking too much caffeine can raise your cortisol and thus your stress levels which will decrease the temperature of your hands.

How can I warm up my hands?

The good news is that when you’re relaxed, your hands and fingers are more likely to be warm. One effective way to help your hands become warmer is practicing slow breathing, which also definitely helps in clutch situations too 😉 The more relaxed and less stressed you are mentally, the more warm your hands will be. 

Some other things you can do to warm up those hands of yours:

  • Warm up your body by moving, squats, walking, push-ups etc
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Do hand exercises such as rubbing your palms together, clenching your fists
  • Keep your room temperature warm
  • Use an electric hand warmer

Thankfully we’ve come in clutch and now have the ESL Warmly available to all, not just the pros who compete on the big stages, so that you can frag out without the roadblock of having cold hands!

The ESL x Warmly - Hand Warmer offers quick heating to your digits, where you can adjust the temperature from cozy warm up to 55°C! You might have seen them during an Intel® Extreme Masters, and there’s a good reason the pros take advantage of it.

  • Acts as both a hand warmer and portable power bank, you can charge your phone or favorite device with it
  • 2x 5000mAh rechargeable batteries, providing up to 10+ hours of usage
  • Sleek and magnetic design with 360° heating
  • Compact and portable, take it with you everywhere

Don’t lose your games or go full tilt from missing shots due to cold hands. Snatch up your ESL Warmly and keep that juicy ELO flowing for the future!